Slack, mistakes, and remote team

  • People know how I speak/sound: Nope. Please be explicitly nice, and don’t assume people will understand what you mean and how you mean it.
  • My ____ is justified: Fill in the blank with rudeness, anger, or frustration. In absolutely no case be disrespectful to anyone. Rudeness or display of frustration is never justified anywhere(private/public channels).
  • Criticize privately: Nobody benefits from reading a personal/targetted criticism in a public channel.
  • Constructive criticism: Criticize in a way that people at the receiving end have something to take away.
  • ELI5: Yes, please. Add as much information as possible and don’t wait for your teammates to ask you the obvious questions.
  • DMs are ICU, please don’t sneeze and admit yourself there: Most people would agree that the maximum distraction when working remotely is caused by DMs. Things that anyone can answer should be asked/discussed in the public channel.
  • No unlimited calls in this package: Calls should be chargeable unless they are for the greater good.
  • Threads are unbreakable: 1000+ best wishes messages in a channel can only mean one thing, the team is trying to exhaust the plan quota for slack. Please use threads.
  • Are you a night owl or an early bird: Either way, please don’t ping your teammates outside the working hours. Avoid if possible, or expect the conversation to be asynchronous.



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Abhinay Kumar

Abhinay Kumar

Writing things pointlessly on medium